Project aims


  • Develop foreign languages skills by collaborating and working in teams.
  • Discover different life styles and reflect about their own.
  • Motivate students by using gamification, group work and technological tools.
  • Develop mutual respect and citizenship thanks to international teams.
  • Improve success at school and reduce early school leaving.

Students will be organized in international teams. They will have to collaborate to work on the various missions about “being well at school”. For the first mission, they will have to introduce themselves and get in touch with their teammates and then they Students will start with an analysis of their present environment, behaviour and habits in everyday life to come to an outline of their needs. In order to design solutions which may help them satisfy their needs students will be guided through the accomplishment of 4 missions: 
- be-4.0@school : dealing with the analysis of their learning styles and strategies with the help of new technological tools; 
- be-eco-friendly@school: dealing with the relationship of students with environment and natural resources; 
- be-socially-aware@school: dealing with social aspects at school focusing in particular on inclusion and integration; 
- be-healthy@school: dealing with the development of healthy life syles.