Meeting in Przemyśl

Our ERASMUS+ group met for the first time in Przemyśl, Poland 2017. Being the first students’ meeting of the project, everyone was looking forward to seeing the so far ‘virtual friends’ in person. Polish students and their families hosted a group of twenty young people from Lithuania, Germany and Italy for a cold winter week in February (6th to 10th) 2017. The time spent together gave the foreign students a chance to experience Poland, its beauty and culture and enjoy the company of people they might become friends with.


The official stay in Przemyśl started with the meeting in the Town Hall, where the Town  Secretary, Mr Dariusz Łapa, welcomed the guests and made a short, but interesting presentation about the area of Przemyśl, its history and places of interest.


Then, hard work started…


The project is quite innovative – in order to raise their motivation, students were supposed to use digital learning tools, such as Learningapps, Kahoot and others to complete most of the tasks. Before the meeting in Przemyśl, students cooperated online on various activities in international groups,  according to the plan worked out during the first Coordinator’s Meeting in Piacenza (Italy) in November, 2016.

The first task was to prepare the profiles of an ideal student, ideal teacher, ideal class and ideal lesson. In order to prepare presentations, students made and carried out surveys among the students in their schools. Exchanging information online, they managed to come up with, what they believe, are the perfect units of a perfect lesson.


The following activity included a test for the students to find out what their dominating learning styles are. After presentations and a series of tasks, they moved on to work on organising four ideal lessons for students with the four learning styles – Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic and Tactile. Their engagement, creativity and determination resulted in really interesting, varied and methodologically appropriate teaching units, based on four ideas –  teaching/learning a grammatical aspect, organising a debate on a given topic, legend about Europe and an innovative method of teaching a song. The lesson plans the students created may and should be used in the future, being – what they believe – effective and interesting for learners of their age group. All the lessons were recorded and they will be uploaded onto the end results section on the project platform, together with all the other products made during the meeting.


The evaluation of the project was completed by the students participating in the project meeting in Przemyśl and the teachers involved.