Meeting in Piacenza, Italy

From October 23rd to 27th Italian, German, Lithuanian and Polish Erasmus+ be well@school  students and teachers teamed up again – this time in the beautiful Piacenza in Italy to work on the be socially@school part of the project.

Previous to the meeting, students in their international groups worked via Internet on the themes of:

1.       integration and inclusion

2.       bullying

3.       being yourself in a group

4.       being friends in a digital world.

Each group managed to make a presentation which was shown in Piacenza, with a word of introduction by team leaders.

bewell@school Italy was mainly workshops: traditional dance, sports (activities led by

disabled Paralympic sportsmen), social interactions  - students vs. students and students vs. teachers, singing and  last but, by no means least, theatrical workshops for the young actors preparing for “My

classmate stinks”  play to be shown in the Piacenza theatre for students, teachers and parents and many distinguished guests.

The Italian hosts prepared a real treat for us all by organizing the Festival of Cultures – a unique chance to admire all the cultures present in the area.

Participating in all the activities the students had a chance to experience a small part of the many difficulties disabled people have to deal with on a daily basis, language and cultural difficulties they all may face while travelling or being somehow forced to change their homeland.

We believe that everyone had a chance to improve their language and communicative skills, work on their social interaction patterns with people of different backgrounds and above all – enjoy being together – being really well@school and outsideJ