Meeting in Esens

On Monday, May the 8th 2017 a group of Gimnazjum 4 students from Przemyśl with their teachers – Katarzyna Babiak and Aneta Ligęza-Kuśnierz, arrived in Esens – a coastal  town in Lower Saxony, to meet their colleagues from the Lithuanian Szawle, Italian Piacenza and their German hosts to continue their work on Erasmus Plus bewell@school project.

Tuesday started with a warm welcome from the school headmaster and the town mayor – Ms Karin Emken. From her office in the 17th century Town Hall the students started the first joint activity – the town game which  finished with a treat of ice-cream as a reward. Then, their worked continued at school with the presentations of the activities prepared beforehand on etwinning platform.

The theme of group work on Wednesday and Friday was befriendly@school. The first task the students had was to set up a vegetable garden on the school premises. Planting potatoes, lettuce and sowing radishes was really a great fun to everyone involved. Another challenge was to find alternatives to using smartphones as a way to pass the time during school breaks. The aim of a brainstorm everyone joined was to come up with ideas students could use to pass the break time efficiently - to relax before the following lessons. The idea our students liked the best was to open the space outside the school for students to breathe some fresh air during the breaks.        The last two themes everyone worked on was the eco footprint and recycling.

Thursday was the day of a field trip to EEZ in Aurich – “Energy, Education and Experience Centre” built by Enercon – the world famous wind turbines  producer and then to a wind farm nearby.

The last, but by no means least interesting attraction was the trip to Langeoog island, with a beautiful, 14 – kilometer-long sandy beach and dunes reaching up to a height of nearly 20 metres. One of the many peculiarities of the area, apart from the no-car policy, is the Wadden Sea – area between the northwestern coast of Germany (Lower Saxony) and Frisian Islands. Its uniques ecosystem, particularly the undisturbed tidal wets, made it attractive enough to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2009. The students were able to try  “Mudflat hiking”, one of the greatest tourist attraction in the area, and which is simply walking on the sand at low tide.

Everyone is looking forward to the next meeting in Piacenza.